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It is a common belive that there is nothing wrong when your choose the exhaust system on account of its sound or its final appearance, especially if your objective is about it sounds and appearance. But if the purpose is to get a bit of performance, everything changes. Here are some tips to help you when choosing a good Ferrari 488 exhaust system performance parts.

Ferrari 488 Exhaust System parts

Exhaust manifolds or “headers”

This is the first point of contact of the exhaust gases after leaving the cylinder head. It is one of the most commonly modified parts, removing heavy series manifolds by a lighter tubular. The idea behind the replacement of the exhaust manifolds can be tried to increase the internal diameter of the pipes, also to increase the expulsion and the gas sweep in the most optimal way.


This element is responsible for the fact that you can still breathe the air in cities with very heavy traffic. It picks up NOx, CO and unburned hydrocarbons coming from the exhaust gases and “converts” them into N2, O2, CO2 and H2O, much less damaging to the environment.


It is ideal not to have the engine exhaust directly under the car filling the cabin with smoke. Therefore, you need some tubes to drive the air to other parts of the car without affecting us.


It is not a necessary part of an exhaust system, sometimes it is included to help eliminate some of the noise. The resonator works by rejecting the sound waves to cancel each other out, and they are usually tuned to a specific frequency where motor noise could be too loud or undesirable.

Quiet or “muffler”

There are many types of mufflers, but the main objective of all is more or less the same: eliminate the noise. One of the most common ways of working the mufflers is by redirecting the airflow. Along the way, the exhaust gases pass through porous pipes that allow the exhaust gases to expand into the sound insulation material that the silencer carries inside, which minimizes the noise that eventually comes out of the exhaust pipe.

Ferrari 488 Exhaust System

How to verify your Ferrari 488 is ready for Emission testing?

How to check Ferrari 488 exhaust system is working fine? How to verify your car is ready for Emission testing? Most states in the US require vehicles to undergo emissions or smog tests. These tests measure the amount of vehicle’s expelling pollutants in the air and identify vehicles that need to be corrected before they can be driven again. Emission testing includes the exhaust pipe test, which measures the amount of nitric oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons emitted. Inside the exhaust pipe section of the test results, you will see “PPM HC,” which refers to the amounts of hydrocarbons. Below are some tips to check either your vehicle is ready for Emission testing or not.

  • Locate the exhaust pipe section of the emission test results.
  • Find “HC PPM” inside the exhaust pipe section. You read this as parts per million hydrocarbons, and that means the number of hydrocarbon molecules per million molecules emitted by the exhaust.
  • Determine whether or not the PPM HC part of the test passes. The number of permitted hydrocarbons varies from state to state, but in general, for vehicles manufactured since 1994, your vehicle will need a PPM HC reading below 50.
  • Interpret the PPM HC reading. If not the PPM HC part of the test, it could mean that there is a problem with the carburetor, fuel injection system or oxygen sensor, or that the engine oil is diluted or the air filter is dirty.

Buy Ferrari 488 Exhaust System performance parts

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